Samuel N Araya

Data Scientist

Welcome to my web page! Rooted in a profound passion for data science, machine learning, and geospatial analysis, I dedicate my career to solving complex soil and environmental challenges. My journey in this field is a blend of traditional and cutting-edge, from hands-on field and laboratory research to pioneering applications of machine learning and unmanned aircraft systems.

After earning my Ph.D. and M.S. from the University of California, Merced, and enriching my expertise with post-doctoral research at Stanford University, I have continued to pursue my passion in the professional sphere. Currently, I serve as a Data Scientist with Corteva Agriscience, on contract, where I apply advanced data analytics to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. My role involves leveraging vast datasets to inform decision-making processes and develop innovative solutions for the agricultural sector.

For a deeper dive into my professional journey, feel free to download my resumé or curriculum vitae.


  • Soils
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Spatial analysis


  • PhD in Environmental Systems (Soil Physics), 2019

    University of California, Merced

  • MSc in Environmental Systems (Soil Biogeochemistry), 2014

    University of California, Merced

  • BSc in Land Resources and Environment, 2006

    Asmara University

Technical Skills

Python | R | JavaScript

Machine Learning